BELGIN OIL has become one of the renowned lubricants testing laboratory in Turkey with its high quality equipment, international test measurements, input and product quality controls, sampling and analysis services. The Laboratory has been constantly sustaining its operations since the day it was founded.

In our laboratories, we use international testing methods such as ASTM (American Standard Test Methods) and DIN (German Standard Test Methods) and national methods as TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) to carry out chemical, physical and product performance analyses of the products. 

Our laboratory is subject to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories quality standards. Our laboratory’s proficiency and reliability was first approved in 2004 by TSE with the accreditation TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 “Recommended Laboratory for Test Services”, awarding the right to carry out tests  and issue reports on behalf of TSE. In the course of years, the scope of testing on behalf of TSE was extended, reaching to 33 tests. 

Targeting constant development and increasing its service quality, our laboratory has its TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standard Accreditation approved in 2007 by TURKAK, and the reliability of its measurement results has been registered throughout the world. By the years, the scope of accredited tests has been extended, reaching to 26 tests. Through the tests covered, we provide analysis services both to national or international customers.

For the purposes of comparing our laboratory’s analysis skills with other laboratories and realizing our measurement performance, we participate in comparison test programs among international and regional laboratories. We participate to International inter-laboratories comparison tests organized by ASTM in five product groups, while attending to the program (LabKar) organized by Middle East Technical University Petroleum Research Centre (ODTUPAL) twice a year. Thereby, our measurement results are compared both with international scale and other oil laboratories operating in Turkey. Our performance is continuously monitored to secure high quality service offering. 


Our laboratories are always at the disposal of companies with the understanding of uninterrupted service for the purposes of increasing operating efficiency of our business partners. Thanks to our sample analysis system, our aftersales technical support – business development and sales & marketing departments enable analyzing used oil samples received from our customers and report to our customers. Thus, we help our business partners to reduce their oil consumption, increase equipment life and have long-lasting problem-free operation increase operation efficiency.

BELGIN OIL, with its trained and experienced people, focusing on customer satisfaction and achieving high quality results is managed by neutral, independent and reliable contemporary quality systems. Belgin Oil Testing Laboratory is at the disposal of the whole industry.

TURKAK Accredited Test List

Laboratory General Test List