Fluid Management System is an improved online data follow-up procedure offering on-site measurement opportunities.

Particularly for water soluble products (Cooling Fluid, Grinding Fluid, Degreasing Chemicals etc.) using such applications we carry out on-site tests and enter controls and additions, keep action records, perform systematic follow up and take measures for the purposes of increasing efficiency. 

Fluid Management provides following up of all technical data including retrospective reports (available online).

All reportings are transmitted to our business partners who are aware about the sensitivity and importance of using lubricants through the “Fluid Management” system, developed uniquely for this service.

Our customers who use FM may obtain the statistical data on the latest condition for each equipment defined in the system and receive reports thanks to the interface appearing when they login the web based portal typing their user name and password.

Thanks to the system, efficiency is kept at the maximum level and traceability becomes possible. Particularly in the case of water soluble products, the traceability obtained with the FM system, below listed advantages can be offered to companies in today’s competitive environment.


• Potential problems are predetermined and avoided.

• Periodic maintenance is scheduled. 

•Downtime periods related to failure and maintenance are minimized.

• Instant action is taken against possible problems and solutions are tailored swiftly.

•Actions are recorded.

• Consumptions are reduced.

• Waste costs are minimized.

• Total costs improvements is provided.


With the controlling mechanism based on FM site and laboratory measurements, complementing each other, flawless follow-up is provided for fluids.  FM System is particularly the key for management of water soluble fluids. We invite you and all of our business partners to use this key.


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