Product Description

It is high performance metal working oil which is blending highly refined base oils with high performance additives like antiwear and EP. It has a high additive ratio and low oil mist.


It is used in machining for high-alloy and alloy steels. It is used with success in the most difficult operations such as broaching, cutting, thread rolling, milling, and threading.

Basic function of the lubrication of the workpiece and the chip, thus creating an intermediate layer is to prevent direct contact of two objects.

CUTTEX GB/S absorbs the heat which is released as a result of forming and friction (cooling), and it decreases the friction (lubrication).

It preserves cutting tool against wear, providing creation of the solid layer on the upper surface due to special anti-wear and extreme-pressure (EP) additives.

CUTTEX GB/S is not recommended to use for processing of copper and brass depending on the EP additive character it has.

Cuttex GBS Series
CUTTEX GBS - 16 Brown, Clear 16,8 0,861 195
CUTTEX GBS Brown, Clear 31,4 0,879 220
CUTTEX GBS - 46 Brown, Clear 46 0,885 225
CUTTEX GBS - 68 Brown, Clear 68 0,892 230
BELGIN is continuously improving the product performance with its industrial experts and R&D studies. All given figures on product properties are of a general nature only and may vary depending on process. For more info about our product portfolio and optimum solutions to your process, you may send email to or contact with BELGİN Technical Business Development and Support department on 0090 262 751 0292.