Global glass industry companies manufacture various products in regard with ultimate area of use.
Tailor made solutions ought to be offered for the lubrication requirements of different products such as flat or processed glasses, security glasses, automatic or hand-made glassware, bottle or jar type glass packing products and many other applications within the industry.
BELGIN’s industry experts provide engineering solutions for the customers in glass industry with its industrial experience, strong R&D structure, long established history and industrial know-how.
BELGIN offers products providing considerable value added for optimum performance and glass manufacturing efficiency in the industry.
BKM, BESTGLASS and GLASSFLUID Lines of Products are successfully being used in the industry, thanks to its innovative and economic solutions.
Employment of our special products, offering minimum residue, high temperature and low evaporation loss in the system, provides less cleaning process, less shut-down and extended lubrication periods.