EFQM Excellence Model

BELGIN’s Journey to Excellence...

BELGIN, deciding to implement EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model, first became a member to Turkish Quality Association (KalDer). Laterly, BELGIN executed the National Quality Initiative Good Will Statement, conducted under leadership of KalDer, on 05 February 2014.

Taking part in the National Quality Initiative, we apply EFQM Excellence Model to develop management structure, human resources, and business strategies to satisfy or surpass the requirements of the entire stakeholders with a sustained high performance. From this point of view, we aim to become a point of attraction for our customers, employees or suppliers.

BELGIN, being entitled to receive the certificate “EFQM - 4 Stars Proficiency of Excellence” in 2014, became the first lubricants company reaching that level in Turkey.
BELGIN, targeting to increase the sustainable growth and competitive capacity by implementing the EFQM Excellence Model, reached to level of “EFQM - 5 Stars Proficiency of Excellence” in 2016.
We, Belgin Oil, are aiming to win EFQM Excellence Prize within the concept of Total Quality Management in a short span of time.



  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Qualified work power with a team spirit
  • Swift service concept
  • Continuous improvement
  • Best service concept
  • Training our employees to become creative, innovative and constructive
  • Becoming a renowned oil brand
  • Closely following technological developments
  • Engineering solutions to industrial problems
  • Assuming society’s values and principles


  • Efficiently consuming power, raw materials and natural resources
  • Constantly improving our environmental performance
  • Minimizing wastes at their source
  • Re-using and recycling of wastes
  • Providing disposal of the non-valuable wastes using suitable methods
  • Complying legal and other obligations related to the environment
  • Guiding our suppliers and raising their awareness on the environment
  • Studying to improve environmental consciousness of our employees and the society


  • Workplace safety is our top priority
  • Maintaining workplace safety for all of our employees
  • Taking necessary measurements in order to create an environment targeting zero incidence and prevent accidents
  • Providing our entire systems and applications to be in compliance with the current legislation
  • Being in continuous improvement
  • Analyzing and constantly reducing health and safety risks caused by our products or operations
  • Raising awareness of our employees by training them on Workplace Health and Safety
  • Providing employee satisfaction on the Workplace Health and Safety



ISO 9001-ISO 14001- OHSAS 18001…

• At Belgin Oil, we closely follow up technological developments in lubricants industry with our creative and innovative staff and the effort to become a brand in the industry. Also, we create service, manufacture our products and offer to global market by considering the pleasure of our entire stakeholders.

• In line with our vision, strategies and targets, using Quality, Environment, and Workplace Safety Management Systems efficiently and effectively, we constantly improve those systems, specify and review purposes and targets for compliance.

• For the purposes of performing our environmental obligations, using power, raw materials and natural resources efficiently and reducing wastes at their source, we deliver necessary initiatives.

• We provide compliance of our Workplace Safety practices with the current legislation and take measures as necessary in an effort to create Zero Risk working environment.

• We reserve resources as necessary to continuously improve our management systems and constantly develop our operations with the involvement of the entire stakeholders.